Inspired by pastel sunsets and a conscious way of living, The Rowan is carving the way to a more sustainable future within the fashion industry. We carefully curate brands that not only have a purpose, but also bring luxe beachy chill to life. Our brands compliment each other and come together in one place to bring you peace of mind when shopping with us. 

Founder and Creative Director Sarah Nimptsch spent years working within the fashion industry, only to be faced with the harsh reality of the wasteful impact this so called "glamours" industry has on our earth. She wanted to create a space where everyone can come and know that what they are getting is only supporting the good in this world. The Rowan brings together brands that produce with our planet in mind, or brands that have been founded by women. 


The Rowan is dedicated to Jim Rowan, Sarah's beloved Grandpa. 


With Love & Sunshine

Sarah N. 



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